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Most people get a tooth cavity sometime that needs repairing, but modern dentistry offers many options that blend long-lasting strength and attractiveness.

At Timberview Family Dentistry, we offer both tooth colored (composite resin) and amalgam (silver) fillings. The dentist will discuss both options and the advantages and disadvantages of each for your tooth.

White, composite fillings can cosmetically blend with the adjacent tooth much better than amalgam fillings. Tooth colored fillings are bonded to healthy tooth structure; amalgam fillings are held in with mechanical retention. Additionally, composite fillings are not as temperature-sensitive as metal, so they do not expand as much with heat helping avoid cracking of the tooth over time.

Timberview Family Dentistry in Oklahoma City can help you choose the most cost-effective – and most attractive – option to preserve your dental health and your sparkling smile. Call us today at (405) 737-0404 to get started!