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How Oral Health Affects Baby Boomers

Known as baby boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964 often overlook symptoms in their teeth and gums, which could be a signal that your mouth is affecting the rest of your body.

Cosmetic Dentistry for a Happier You

Cosmetic dentistry could be just what you need if your reflection is making you unhappy. When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Julie Storm from Timberview Family Dentistry, your teeth and gums will be examined to determine what cosmetic dentistry procedures would be best for you.

Dental Bridge Midwest City: Everything You Need to Know

A Dental Bridge may be needed if you have suffered extensive damage to a tooth, or have missing teeth. If you have had an injury or problem that has left you with a gappy mouth, a Dental Bridge Midwest City is something to take into consideration.

Have You Been Avoiding a Denture Reline?

A Denture Reline is inevitable. Putting off a denture reline could make things worse. According to Timberview Family Dentistry, avoiding your dentist in Chicago for a denture reline could also end up costing you more. Had you spent less than hour in the chair a month ago, you probably would have been happier.

Keeping Dentures in Place is Possible

Keeping dentures in place can be a nightmare, especially when you consider that certain denture adhesives can actually mask the signs of ill-fitting dentures. According to your dentist in Midwest City, improperly fitted dentures are not only painful, but can also cause problems for the rest of your mouth.

Anxiety Disorders Can Take Over Your Life

If your anxiety has started to take over your daily tasks, you could be suffering from a social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, a panic disorder, or a generalized anxiety disorder.

The Early Stages of Gum Disease Can be Reversed

According to the American Academy of Perodontology, more than half of American adults suffer from some form of gum disease whether it is gingivitis, or the more serious periodontal disease.

The Invisalign Advantage

Invisalign is the comfortable alternative to conventional braces, and if you have been avoiding wires and brackets for cosmetic reasons, Invisalign could be the answer.

Back to School with a Healthy Smile!

Get your kids teeth and gums in shape for school with the second annual Oklahoma Dental Associations, “Back to School with a Healthy Smile,” program.

TMD Can Cause Serious Problems

TMD, otherwise known as temporomandibular joint disorder, affects millions of people all over the world and can be quite painful. Timberview Family Dentistry believes that TMJ symptoms could come from the joint or the jaw itself.